How does it work

We use both ELIMINK + LI-FT REMOVAL, depending on your needs.

Saline tattoo removal involves tattooing a specialized saline solution over your existing tattoo. The solution lifts the existing pigment molecules from the skin by the process of osmosis. A scab will form, which further lifts the previously placed pigment. The number of sessions needed depends on the saturation and size of your tattoo. 

1. Why saline over laser?

Saline is all-natural removal method, typically costs 30-50% less than laser tattoo removal and, requires fewer sessions, and is less painful. it is also color-agnostic, so it works on all colors of ink. Saline is also gentler than laser and best suited for the delicate eye area.

2. How much does it cost?

Removal Is priced on a per session basis, and multiple sessions will be needed depending on the saturation of your current tattoo. Each session is $175.00 or more, and this applies to either previous eyebrow permanent makeup, previous lip permanent makeup,  previous eyeliner or a 2x2 traditional tattoo. For price quotes larger than 2x2, please contact us directly and we will arrange the consult and price.

3. What will it look like immediately after the procedure?

While every client is different, your previous tattoo can look darker or brighter while it’s healing. Once the skin heals, you will see the tattoo has lightened.

4. What is healing like?

Expect brightness, darkness, bleeding, and /or oozing in the procedure area. Your body will begin to form a scab which will pull pigment from your tattoo. Prematurely removing scans will affect healing time.

5. How many sessions will I need?

This is completely dependent on the saturation of your current tattoo and removal goals. Typical removal requires anywhere from 1-5 sessions, with 3-4 being the most common. Sessions are spaced a minimum of 8 weeks apart for optimal results.

6. What if I am pregnant or nursing?

As a precaution, we will not perform procedures on pregnant or nursing women. 


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We use both LIFT REMOVAL + ELIMININK, on a case by case scenario

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